What we do today matters. Intentionally or unintentionally, the decisions we make today will shape the future of Estes Park and of those who call our community home. The purpose of Estes Thrives is to bring the whole Estes Park community together to create a bright future. The future is in our hands.

Our young people are the future. Education is all about preparing for the future. That's why Estes Thrives is coordinated by the Estes Park School District. When our community invests in education, we are choosing to prepare students for their future—but also for the future of the whole community.

Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.
— Sitting Bull


The word community has many definitions, but one we love is "people in a place supporting each other." And Estes Park is certainly that. We do more than share space and transact business. We care about the wellbeing of our neighbors. We come together in times of adversity and times of opportunity.

We have seen the incredible power of what can be accomplished through collaboration. Estes Thrives is about bringing people together for good—the good of each of us and the good of all of us. Please join us!

Youth Driven

It has been said that it takes a village to raise up a child. We also believe it takes children to raise up a village to its full potential. Youth driven means young people—students—take a central leadership role in community service-learning projects.

Youth have a way of rising to the level of the expectations their community sets for them. We don't have to wait until after graduation to begin looking to students to be givers and contributors to the community. In Estes Park, we have students who possess exceptional creativity and leadership qualities.

Service Oriented

Research has shown that learning works best when students can apply themselves to something relevant, meaningful, and inspiring. Like all of us, students like to make a difference! What's more, the act of giving has a powerful impact on happiness and mental health.

The connections students make with people and projects in their community bring purpose and passion to their learning careers. Add to this the incredible energy and creativity young people have to contribute, and such community connections are a win for everyone.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Learning Enabled

As with students in school, it is those communities that successfully learn who stand the best chance of a bright future. Estes Thrives is about talking together, working together, and learning together.

Learning is a whole community responsibility—and one of the goals of Estes Thrives is to promote a culture of seamless unity between the schools of Estes Park and the rest of the town. This means creating partnerships and opportunities to collaborate that benefit everyone.