Estes Thrives is pleased to announce that they have received a grant from the OtterCares Foundation in the amount of $2700.00 to orchestrate three pilot programs for the initiative.  

The Tile Mural Project, hosted by the middle school art program will use funds raised through sale of student created canvas murals to complete a community project that has languished unfinished since 2006.  The Electric Guitar Project will support a high school engineering class that is making electric guitars from scratch, and the Bike Charger Project will engineer a green solution to the problem of middle schoolers neglecting to charge their iPads at home.  

This funding will ensure that these three ideas move past the idea stage and provide momentum to the Estes Thrives initiative.  While an array of projects emerged from the Estes Thrives event last May, these three projects share a need for specialized materials and tools that our district was not able to supply.  This grant will allow the instructors to purchase tools and materials and get to work, painting tiles, retooling old bicycles and building musical instruments. 

We look forward to following the progress of these three exciting projects, stay tuned for more details, photos and updates!