Submitted by Karen McPherson, Outreach Coordinator 

In 2016, Estes Park Schools were awarded a Cherry Creek Artrepeneur Grant. Janus Capital Group funds the grant, which provides a $500 purchasing budget to roughly twenty schools across Colorado. Middle School students use the money to purchase art at the Cherry Creek Art Festival, a nationally recognized art and craft show held each year in Denver over the July 4th weekend. Art purchased in 2016 allows Estes Park Schools to start a permanent art teaching collection. Two middle school students, Evan Schaefer (entering 9th grade) and Makayla Fraley (entering 7th grade) attended the event with Karen McPherson, the Estes Park Outreach Coordinator and grant facilitator.


On a Roll
Benjamin Frey, multi-media collage artist
Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

We were looking for art that referenced our town. We listed many things we associate with Estes Park including wildlife (specifically bears), bikes and outdoor activities, including festivals. We also talked about the texture of the landscape and the rock layers. This piece has all of those elements. It feels fun. And we like the title, learning how to keep rolling is a good lesson. – Evan and Makayla

Process: The first layer is a series of 1910 Encyclopedia pages referencing bears.  This base has a layer of large, gestural acrylic paint applied; the bear is a stencil. 




Digital Prints on Wood Blocks
Shawn Ray Harris
San Francisco, CA

We chose these because they are humorous and absurd… animals doing people things. We like the way he makes eating broccoli seem cool. – Evan and Makayla

Process: The artist puts on costumes and poses for the pictures. So he dressed up as a bear, pretending to hold something. Then, he adds other images (like broccoli) with a digital editing program.




Fred Pichon
Denver, CO

Estes Park has a lot of visitors. There are a lot of campers. This Airstream camper has a silver outside and reflects whatever environment it is in. This one reflects the mountains and the water. The artist talked to us about how important is to learn and understand the world by drawing it.  – Evan and Makayla

Process: The artist drew and then painted the camper. He thought it needed a hard horizontal line so he added duct tape that he cut out to go around the camper. It is a combination of neon and quiet.