On November 29th and 30th, Adam Edwards and Jason Slaughter took time out of their busy schedules to show our students how electricity can be dangerous to our bodies, and how to be safe when dealing with high voltage power lines.  Both men are currently apprentices working towards earning their journeyman license for the Town of Estes Park Light and Power Department.  

They interacted with approximately 150 Estes Park Students over the course of two days.  Students involved were pretty excited to see the arcing electricity from the demo trailer and certainly understand more about the need to be safe when dealing with electricity.  Adam and Jason started each class with the power companies Demo trailer and then returned to Mrs. Frey’s classroom to talk to kids about the equipment they use daily, how it keeps them safe, and gave students a good idea of what their career entails and how to get into this pathway.  

Overall, this was a fantastic introduction to high voltage power.  A few of our kids were very interested in this as a career pathway, but all of our kids walked away learning a little more about how electricity gets to our homes and  how hard our lineman work to make sure our power stays on.  

finn geared up.JPG

Students learned many things such as:  the difference between voltage and amps, what a fuse is for and how it works, what a transformer is, what a smart meter is, what equipment is used to climb up poles, and how safety is a top priority.  

In our classroom students were able to try on the sleeves and gloves that are used to prevent contact with live wires.  We even had a few students who put on all of the gear our lineman do.  After they talked to students about equipment they then opened it up to questions.  Our kids learned so much from this great experience, and it provided an opportunity for our kids to be able to learn from professionals in our community.  

Submitted by: Pam Frey, EPHS Teacher