Estes Thrives was starting to take shape in early May of 2015, when Superintendent Sheldon Rosenkrance, working closely with the BeClearly Organization out of Boulder, set to work to make the initiative a reality.  They began with a vision, an opportunity to do something great- something extraordinary- to change the future of education in our community--with our community--and for our community.  The notion was simple, the future is ours to create...but how?  

Now with the Estes Thrives initiative heading full speed ahead, and gaining encouraging and exciting momentum, we take a look back at some of the first steps towards the big picture.  


On May 6th, 2015, 50 students, staff from the school district and members of the community gathered to generate ideas for the projects of Estes Thrives.  The brainstorm session was able to start the ball rolling on the beginning of a culture change.  

On May 15th, ESTES THRIVES DAY was named.  More than 600 students from the Estes Park School District joined together with community members to stage a massive clean up effort throughout the community that included tree planting, painting, and different beautification tasks.  A group of students were bused out to the YMCA of the Rockies to help with the cleanup of their campus, while a different group of students were bused out to Mary's Lake Campground to help with the seeding of their lots.. On the school district campus, students were restoring and painting various signs and working on the grounds to enhance the common areas.   Elementary School students planted trees as part of the Arbor Day celebration sponsored by the Town of Estes Park. 

High school students were excused from their afternoon classes to participate in building 50 bicycles, working in groups of two to four students per bike.  When they completed the project, they had the opportunity to give that bike away to an elementary school student.  The Larimer County Boys and Girls Club chose the students that would receive the bicycles based on need. 

The Elementary School Kids were part of a wellness ambassadors program, working with the high school students signing an agreement to ride their bike as often as they could and to be part of the healthy change. 

Since that day, Estes Thrives has been making appearances in everyday tasks, events and projects throughout the community. Its very clear that the entire community has a voice and that we are all involved in creating the best possible future for our children.  The Estes Park School District is proud to become a catalyst for this dynamic phase of customized learning.