Trail Gazette: Zach Clemens, 9/27/17 

The Estes Park Board of Education signed a proclamation to declare the Estes Park School District to be the first restorative practices district in Colorado at their regular meeting on Monday night.

Kevin Aten, the director of innovation and instruction for the district, presented the proclamation to the Board in lieu of a presentation that had to be postponed. The district received a grant to start implementing restorative practices throughout the school system.

"[The district] believes in cultivating strong relationships within and among its schools and community and believes in holding students accountable for their actions while giving our students a high level of support in order to create a campus culture of learning and belonging," the proclamation said, as read by Aten.

Aten said that restorative practices can provide a foundation for students to learn to solve problems on their own, develop lasting relationships and academic achievement.

Estes Park Superintendent Sheldon Rosenkrance said some schools were using restorative practices but they hadn't found another district that had implemented it district wide yet.

"This helps with how we are institutionalizing the good things we are doing," Ronsenkrance said. "Write it down and put it into practice and make it not on just personalities but just what we do."

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